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September 6, 2022


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The Reviews...

"Grab Your Slice of FI is a compelling narrative of one woman's journey to financial independence. Monica explains in relatable terms how she acquired five rental properties in rapid succession while also funding her retirement accounts.

But Grab Your Slice of FI is more than a personal finance book! You will empathize with her as she describes her journey to financial independence while coping with divorce, raising kids as a single mom, suffering from a chronic illness, and losing her mother to cancer. This book is a testament to the strength of a woman overcoming adversity to thrive in life and finances!"

Justin McCurry,

"If you want to achieve financial independence, Grab Your Slice is a must-read. Monica's story about life and money is creative and inspiring. You will learn strategies and tools to create wealth, but you will also find encouragement and motivation to move forward in your own journey. I highly recommend this book!"

Tina Antrim, Antrim Financial Coaching

“Monica is a great example of how intentional focus on an ambitious goal can balloon into an intense motivation that carries one through their journey to financial independence. She also reminds us that the truly sustainable path doesn’t look anything like “get rich quick”, and the lifestyle change that is required carries with it riches far beyond the size of one’s bank account.”

Diania Merriam, Chief Economeist, EconoMe Conference

“FI Pie: there's nothing like it. Understanding Financial Independence can be daunting and confusing. Monica breaks it down into bite-size nuggets- literally! She outlines the principles of controlling your own financial well-being in a relatable way that's simple to digest. It's a great read with practical steps that will change your life.”

Jennifer Grimson, The Micro Empires Podcast

“Who wouldn't want to read the story of going from 6-figure debt to financial independence? Grab Your Slice of FI is a wide-ranging mix of personal stories, tips, and resources that shares one woman's 10-year journey to financial freedom -- with a side of finding balance along the way.”

 Jackie Beck,

...are in

book sneak peek

It was a crisp Sunday evening, the kids (preschool and kindergarten age) were at their dad’s for the weekend. The house was quiet and still. I sat in the living room with my laptop and my phone. I knew these two days would come. What I didn’t count on was that both happened on the same day.

Friday was the last day at my temp job, and I needed to file for unemployment. Ironically, this was also the weekend I was eligible to file for my divorce (in North Carolina, married couples must live separately for one year before filing).

Luckily, I could file for both online, which was perfect because I was emotionally spent. With no family in the area, I called my closest friend to stay on the phone with me while I handled the paperwork.

I was scared, overwhelmed, beaten down, and tired. Once the divorce and unemployment paperwork were filed, I set out on an adventure that, in my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined.

Wild because this is where I started. Below is a snapshot of my net worth at that moment and where my story began:

DEBT:                                                                            $ 257,000

  • $ 122,000 House Mortgage

  • $ 135,000 “Other” Debt

ASSETS (Cash - Liquid):                                               $ 104,050

  • $ 20,000 non-retirement accounts

  • $ 7,000 savings account

  • $ 77,050 retirement account

  • $ 4,500 529’s

ASSETS (Property – Non-Liquid):                                 $ 325,000

  • $ 325,000 House (Purchase Price)

That Sunday night, after filing all the correct paperwork and saying good night to my friend, I stared at my net worth and all the debt that was now squarely on my shoulders alone. It was devastating. $257,000!!??!! “That’s a quarter of a million dollars!!,” I thought. How did things get so bad so fast? I was never going to get my share of the “American dream” with all that debt. I was never going to get my own slice of the pie if I didn’t make some life changes.


That night, I made a promise to myself and my kids. I would never allow us to be in such a vulnerable position again. My priority was to get back our security and achieve financial independence. In my mind, I thought a net worth of $1,000,000 would give me that.

From that moment on, I focused and inched my way toward this arbitrary goal and was able to grow my net worth substantially. Did I hit that million-dollar net worth? Here’s my story.

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